I've spent the last 13 years working in broadcasting and public relations. I'm a combat veteran and the majority of my work has been advising senior U.S. Army and Department of Commerce leaders on public affairs and community relations issues. My blood is Carolina Blue, my heart is Black and Gold and my dog is proof that pit bulls are the sweetest dogs on earth. Check out my blog and connect with me using the social channels below.


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I love you, Dad, but…

My favorite childhood photo is of me holding up an Indiana basketball sweatshirt my dad got me for Christmas when I was three. I’m holding it up and smiling a smile larger than I’ve ever smiled since. The first song I ever learned the words to was the Indiana fight song. I grew up loving Bobby Knight and hating everything about Purdue and anyone who ever even drove past the campus. This is because my father is IU class of … Continue reading

Today in Social Monitoring

The Old Guard, the Army unit responsible for guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, provided a small example of the importance of social media monitoring today. As Sandy began her approach on the East Coast, the photo below started hitting the Twitterverse (I was one of many who tweeted it). About three minutes after Samir Mezrahi (@samir) from BuzzFeed posted it on Twitter, The Old Guard (@The_Old_Guard) responded, saying the photo was actually from September and provided a couple … Continue reading

Friday Fun: Unapologetically Breaking Fashion Rules

If you know me, you know I’m a big believer in a lot of rules of fashion. My shoes always match my belt, I never wear navy blue and black, and I never button the bottom button of my blazer. I even wrote a post once about some simple fashion rules– a post for which I was vilified on GovLoop. I’m in no way the world’s snazziest dresser, but I pay attention and probably try a little harder than most … Continue reading