Dear Butch: Listen Up…

I normally wouldn’t blog about sports because I really don’t devote enough time to following them, so I don’t feel enough like a subject matter expert. But as I watch Gameday today and see all of the LSU fans with their clever signs trashing UNC, I’m moved to words.

If you haven’t heard about UNC Footballs’ offseason woes, go here.

No one in Chapel Hill is smiling today. People who love UNC and everyone who attended UNC is proud of the School. We consider our School a reputable and respectable institution in academics and athletics. What these selfish players did – breaking team rules at the very least (although the suspicion is that they did much worse) – really pisses me and all other Carolina fans off.

So here you go, Coach Davis. Here’s your chance to set the standard and rise above other programs where things like this are happening.

Cut them.

All of them.

I live in Kentucky, about 20 minutes away from this group of yahoos who think that UK is “the best basketball tradition in the world.” Seriously, they have t-shirts that say that. I take a lot of pride in saying that no institution that cares about its reputation would hire a swindler like John Calipari as a coach. Now, should someone who works in community relations say things like that about a local hero? Maybe not, but that’s a different discussion. I can say that because UNC has Roy Williams, a man who would die before hurting the reputation of the team he represents.

The point is thatI’d rather lose to Duke in football every season than have the reputation of a School that I love be sullied by a bunch of selfish kids.

Cut ‘em, coach. Get rid of them, and let’s move on.