Is there a breeze in here?

OK, there’s a story I’ve been meaning to tell you, but I don’t remember what it is. So I’ll move right along to what I did today, with the promise that I’ll fill you in soon on whatever it is that I’m forgetting.

No, WAIT. I just remembered…

So there was a bowling alley at the hotel we stayed in last weekend. Well, the night of the KTV fun I just told you about was also a night of bowling and other fun activities. It was a group of five of us hanging out at the beginning of the night – Joh and I, Scottish David, and William and Catherine from App State. In the first game of bowling, I wrecked shop. We had a bet going that whoever got last place had to serve drinks at breakfast the next day. Sadly, my roommate lost.

Well, I kinda had a little swagger entering the second game, so the bet was that the loser had to wear a kilt to work the following Monday. It started as a bet between the whole group, but then when we realized that it was kind of unfair to include everyone, the field narrowed to just William and me.

I lost. William’s a dirty sandbagger…

Now, I’m always one to pay on my bets, but I must lodge a complaint about my payment: somehow between Saturday night and Monday morning, “kilt” turned into “entire Scottish outfit.” David showed up to work Monday morning with the kilt, the socks, a wool military jacket with lace trim, a leather ammo pouch lined with fur, all kinds of belts and a set of bagpipes.

Ok, kidding about the bagpipes…

Let me tell you, even with the breeze that a kilt provides – a pleasant breeze with which most men are not familiar – this outfit was making me melt. That wool top had a mandarin collar and did not breathe all that well, and it kinda made me want to die. Plus, if there’s one way to make sure everyone in China will stare at you, It’s to wear a kilt. Who knew?

Anyway, now just about everyone in the office has a picture with me wearing my kilt because kilt day was such a rousing success. I’ll tell you, if I knew this was the icebreaker that would thaw the office, I would have done it a long time ago.

Then there was lunch, which requires a walk on a bridge over one of the busiest roads in our area. I’m sure a few of the drivers were digging the outfit as I walked by. It’s also a pretty busy pedestrian area and the people along the route weren’t shy about pointing at me and giggling. Even the security guards – and it seems like half the male population in China works in security because every establishment in the country has a guard – were getting a laugh out of it. Glad I could brighten everyone’s day…

So much for my gambling career.

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